spotlight Therapist

Traci Gavila, Psy.D.

How does being a member of WIHN help you in your practice?

-WIHN has been a great support for me.  I started attending meetings as I was thinking about opening up my practice.  Hearing from other women who were walking the walking and how they got through some of the bumps in the road was very encouraging to me.  It was a great to know that this group was there as a support system.  


What is the hardest thing about being an independent practitioner?

- The isolation and being on your own is pretty challenging.  Opening up a practice without the back up of an agency is very new and can bring up many worries about it working out.  It's only up to you to get the message out there to the public about what you do and how you can help them.  


What do you consider is your biggest accomplishment?

-Getting through those moments of doubt about whether or not this will work out for me.  Those are tough moments.  I have to remind myself how what I'm doing is helping people in need and of the individuals and families I have supported so far.  If I keep moving forward to work on something meaningful, I can help more people and things will come together.


Tell us a little about yourself outside of your practice. 

-When I started private practice, I was a new mom and juggling two new full-time roles.  That was also a big challenge.  I work with children and families so working on being there for my child and being a good mom to her is really important to me when I'm not working.  Also connecting with family to maintain connection and support for her is something I work on during my free time.  I'm trying to maintain some balance with staying healthy in all aspects of my life including food, exercise and social connections.  My daughter is half Taiwanese, so I'm also going with her to Mandarin classes.  It's an interesting language.  I'm hoping as my daughter gets older I can reconnect with old hobbies such as dance, playing cello and traveling.  Perhaps we can use those Mandarin skills in China or Taiwan one day.